For a country to be termed “developed” or “developing”, constant power supply is a sine qua non. There are though other supporting indices for development, regular and un-epileptic power supply cannot be overemphasized. This is mainly owing to the fact that power is the life blood of almost all sectors of the economy, be it, manufacturing, engineering, small and medium scale enterprises et al.

Hence, any government or nation whose energy need or power sector is comatose or epileptic, not only toys with its development and stands the great risk of losing potential foreign investors but is also likely to be treated with scorn in the comity of serious nations and termed “underdeveloped.”

The legal frameworks guiding the operations and sustainability of the Power, Energy and Natural Resources sectors are consistently evolving to accommodate environmental changes and other factors. It is trite that the profitable resources of these indispensable sectors are yet to be harnessed. W&P has over several years, acquired insightful expertise through its active and direct participation in the Power, Energy (and other derivatives) industry. The Firm’s team of lawyers provides legal advisory services on infrastructure, bidding, leasing, oil & gas, tank farms, management, renewable energy, power & plant production, environmental law & policies, supply & distribution-related transactions and consults on all spectrums of the Nigerian Power & Energy Law and Practice.

Our practice fortes further include;

  1. Preparation and/or verification of contracts for seismic, drilling, bidding and development operations
  2. Securing Licenses and Permits
  3. Drafting and review of Contracts- oil and gas contracts/sales agreements, power plant generation and distribution; Joint Venture agreements, farm-in agreements and joint operating agreements, royalty agreements and net profits interest agreements, concession agreements/production sharing contracts/buy-back arrangements
  4. Environmental testing; and
  5. Community Relations