Private Equity transactions are creative models employed to raise capital for investments purposes, diversification of portfolios and high yield returns. Expertise in finance and investments options is a key requirement for effective delivery of consultancy and legal advisory services in this industry.

W&P leverages on its acquired knowledge on Private Equity and is proud to have an internal network of experts who regularly proffer effective, business-oriented approaches to its clients at every phase of the transaction; whether on alternative investments options and/or on enhancement of cash liquidity through unconventional and conventional re-classification of capital base and financial investment portfolios. Our team comprises in-house Solicitors and Consultants in the industry who are well rounded in modern commercial transactions and have over the years exhibited proven expertise to negotiate acquisition, finance and investment options on behalf of its clients within acceptable laws and practice. At W&P, our culture for excellence positions us to offer practical and specialized solutions under unique circumstances on all aspects of private equity transactions.