At W&P, we pose of a rich Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution team that helps businesses avoid or resolve disputes efficiently and effectively around the world. We offer clients tailored services which harmonizes with their need and for the specific transaction or dispute they are dealing with. Our lawyers assist clients in navigating conflicts at every stage in a cost effective and efficient manner. The Firm’s litigation/arbitration practice areas include:

  1. Civil disputes, - Debt recovery on behalf of private persons, banks, and financial institutions, corporate insolvency procedures [company liquidation, receivership & winding-up]
  2. Contractual claims
  3. Intellectual Property Rights protection, including passing-off actions, trademark infringement, copyrights and patents
  4. Torts, including personal property injuries and product liability cases
  5. Labor and industrial relations including master-servant disputes, pension contribution issues, safety and environmental protection at work places etc
  6. Disputes involving carriage of goods, licensing, agency, franchising and import/export trade
  7. Administrative actions [mandamus, certiorari and prohibition proceedings]; Criminal defense and prosecution; and
  8. Other related litigation and arbitration matters