Several regulatory bodies keenly regulate the Banking institution and other financial organization in Nigeria. These institutions ensure strict compliance with all laws bothering on financial services in Nigeria.

W&P has the requisite capability to make representations on behalf of its clients in the Nigerian finance, insurance and securities markets. We are interested in making our services available to banks, trust funds, pension funds administrators and custodians, investment companies, stock companies, mortgage banks, agricultural development and finance companies. The following are the main services we offer in this area:

  1. Providing clients with consulting services on Nigeria international laws, rules and regulations concerning finance regulatory regime and finance markets in Nigeria
  2. Advising clients in negotiating government loans, government-sponsored loans, syndicated loans from private banks, project financing and financed leasing
  3. Advising on banking, insurance, underwriting, bond issue and other related financial transactions
  4. Advising on corporate take-over procedures, mergers and acquisition, transfer of company assets and purchase of company stocks
  5. Proffering advise on commercial papers, foreign exchange issues, letters of credit, guaranty of credit, insurance claims and trusts
  6. Drafting, reviewing and revising all business and legal documents relating to Intellectual Property Rights; and