Making a Will preserves the interests of a testator’s kith and kin and it ensures that loved ones are adequately protected and catered for during his/her lifetime; avoiding unnecessary hassles that may arise upon the demise of the testator. A Will is a legal document through which an individual (the Testator) declares how he/she would like his/her assets to be shared and distributed amongst selected persons when he/she dies. The individuals designated to receive any of the assets of a Testator is called a “beneficiary”.

W&P has the expertise to proffer solutions to the number of complexities involved in the administration of an estate and succession law and practice. The Firm has substantial experience in the following areas:

  1. General Legal Advisory on asset management
  2. Preparation of Wills
  3. Administration of Estate
  4. Obtaining probates/Letter of Administrations
  5. Preparing Declarations of Trust relating to property
  6. Drafting of Deeds of Variation in connection with Wills or Intestacy and Powers of Attorney