Wigwe & Partners Mentorhip Program

Driving change through education

The art of integrating theoretical learning with contemporary law practice and business culture is a delicate and intentional project, which is fast becoming a dwindling enterprise; the consequences of this decline are conspicuously reflected in the character and attitude exhibited by young lawyers in the courtrooms, at the corporate level and the society at large.

There is an urgent call for business organisations to bridge this gap through the creation of conducive coaching environments that provide flexible yet comprehensive platforms through which “greenhorns/tenderfeet” in the legal field can access formal, informal and direct experiential opportunities to observe, adapt and adjust to practical realities of law, life and business settings. With this in mind, and at the heart of its mission statement, Wigwe & Partners has inculcated in its practice, a first-rated mentoring academy for young lawyers, law graduates, law students, interns and externs, para-legal in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.

At Wigwe & Partners, we expect our lawyers to demonstrate a highly-cultured aptitude in-house and towards its clients. Thus, W&P designed its mentorship program to integrate and facilitate skillsets for young lawyers and law students by promoting research, knowledge-sharing, trainings, rotational one-on-one pairing system with senior lawyers, direct coaching support from the Partners and general exposure to the Firm’s culture, practices and lifestyle; to build-up early career pathways, goals settings, performance, marketing/business acumen, workplace traditions and etiquettes, time management skills, ethical conduct, networking, client management, social interactions, relationships and all other professional activities dedicated towards development.


This guidance experienced at Wigwe & Partners’ mentoring academy outlasts the duration of internship; thereby culminating into a wider network of industry practice specialists, comprising seasoned professionals who have contributed significantly to the Firm and young lawyers who have been drilled and modelled to positively take on the legal world and render beneficial services to the larger society.

While this task is demanding, Wigwe & Partners has taken this quantum leap, as one of its corporate and social responsibility to engage actively in this noble cause of mentoring young lawyers; to preserve the legal profession, motivate young lawyers and law students to brace up and uphold the life and practice of a lawyer in a modern setting; and to invariably effect a positive change in the legal and socio-economical standing of the larger society.

A few testimonials

"Wigwe & Partners operate a semi-open office and the Lawyers are easily accessible and always willing to assist and explain concepts of law and practical approaches to attending to legal matters."

Amusan Opeyemi

"My supervisors also ensured that I attended meetings with clients where I had first-hand experience of what a Client-Lawyer relationship should be. Everyone was extremely welcoming and offered terrific career advice."

Daniel Nma