Intellectual Property (IP) Law focuses on the study of legal rights to tangible and intangible assets, creations and products of the mind, crafts and concepts. Intellectual Property encompasses four (4) primary sub-fields: trade secrets, patents, copyrights and trademarks. In each of these areas, the goal of an IP lawyer is to help clients protect their new or novel ideas and implement products and services in a way that such ideas, concepts, drawings et cetera; do not operate contrary to IP laws and practice and the reward for such inventions are not lost due to the IP owned by others.

Our practice area under this service entails the following:

  1. Investigation of ownership of the intellectual property rights
  2. Drafting, reviewing, revising all legal documents relating to the transfer and licensing of trademark, copyright, patent and know-how
  3. Participating in the negotiation of technology development, service and project transfer; Acting as agents in international trademark and patent registration
  4. Providing services in the protection of software and trade secrets
  5. Adoption & Guardianship
  6. Drafting, reviewing and revising all business and legal documents relating to Intellectual Property Rights; and
  7. Financial disputes following relationship breakdown
  8. Representing clients in litigation and arbitration as a result of the infringement of intellectual property rights